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Rich Dollaz And Diamond Strawberry She wanted him to move in with her, be a part of her son’s life, but Fizz shut that down and Rich was on Fizz side. Rich Dollaz is cheating on Moniece Slaughter with Diamond Strawberry!Rich Dollaz and Diamond talk about their scene from Episode 10 while Cisco reflects on the founding of the Creep Squad. Watch.

Diamond Strawberry How Old, Eye, Hair Color, How Tall, Weht? Love & Hip Hop main leading man has bed many of the ladies of Love & Hip Hop New York and his most recently leading lady was Moniece Slaughter from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Diamond Strawberry Talks Daughter/ Dog Reference + Says NOTHING HAPPENED with Rich Dollaz. Diamond & Lisa Strawberry visit Madame et Monsieur. Examples Single or Married or Married to Albert Sterling since 2010. Net Worth Birth Date.

Rich Dollaz Dating Diamond images Moniece and Rich split shortly after the season wrapped, but rht before Halloween Richie D revealed that he has a new leading lady in his life. Rich dollaz dating diamond. Place your ad here Loading. Related rich dollaz dating, rich dollaz and diamond strawberry bathroom.

Love & Hip Hop TV Series Cast Members They looked to be a match made, but it appears that it was a match made for TV since Moniece continued to give Dollaz cold feet. Love & Hip Hop cast listing. Learn more about the stars of this popular TV series including exclusive news, photos, full episodes, videos, and more at VH1

Rich Dollaz And Miya Nation Dating - Celebnmusic247 She kept rushing him into things if you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Then Rich proved he was a true creep squad member blowing out Diamond Strawberry’s back out in a restaurant bathroom last season. After Rich retired Jhonni Blaze he and Moniece Slaughter announced that they were dating.

Diamond Strawberry @diamond_strawberry - Instala is the Her name is Miya Nation, which sounds like a stripper name, but that doesn’t surprise us…Rich loves those sassy ladies. Anyways did you ever ask yourself, “how many ladies has Richie D smashed from Love & Hip Hop”? Diamond Strawberry – 💎🍓BookDiamondStrawberry@Gmail.com💎🍓 SnapChat DiaStrawDuh Twitter DStrawberryDuh.diamond_strawberry my new favorite shirt🙂💙 thanks again @luxlivboutiques.

Diamond Strawberry Age images The Dollaz Entertainment CEO is obviously the Dominican stud of the LHH franchise, especially since all the ladies want to ride his D – it must be a E-Ticket attraction because these ladies be swarming just to get a taste! Diamond Strawberry Claims Rich. Diamond Strawberry Reveals. Source Report.

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